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About the collection

Purchased for the Borough in 1897 Tamworth Castle has since 1899 held collections and maintained a museum to bring its 900 years of history to life. 2021 marks 124 years of Borough ownership and the start of a process to digitise the museum’s collection and archive making them accessible to all.

Digitising Tamworth Museum’s Collection

Tamworth Castle Museum, thanks to Cultural Recovery Funding, has embarked on a major project to digitise its collection of some 40,000 objects, from artwork, furniture, coins, medals, weapons, documents, photographs and so much more.

This is a lengthy and detailed process which over the coming years aims to photograph Tamworth’s diverse and eclectic collection, most of which are currently kept in storage, providing a vital visual record not only for staff and researchers but will enable these items to be seen by everyone.

We have only just begun to digitise our collections, so this website will continue to grow. Please check back later for more.

Reproduction Fees – Please see our Contact page for details.