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    Archive Collections

    There is a significant documentary archive. Some of the documents are of great significance to the history of Tamworth and its role in the history of the region and nation. Please use the search field at the top of this page to look for a specific item or you can view all items classed as Archive […]

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    Natural History

    Fossils and minerals Discover items from the Prehistoric period, tools used by Stone Age man and the remains of animals living in this time such as a mammoth’s tooth. Botanical specimens Plant specimens help evidence existence in time and space. They provide important information about a plants diversity and distribution. Lady Peel was a significant collector of […]

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    Fine Art

    We have a wide variety of objects in our fine art collection. Mainly late 18th to mid-20th century: Portraits of notable local people, including Sir Robert Peel. A small number of works by local artists in various media of local views. Views of Tamworth and Tamworth Castle. Oil paintings, all of which are included on […]

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    Social History

    Please use the search field at the top of this page to look for a specific item, click on a topic from the list below or you can view all items classed as Social History here. Coming soon – topics such as: Furniture Sport and Leisure Events Farming and agriculture Weights and Measures The Allsopp collection […]

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    Local History

    Terracotta Tamworth boasts two nationally renowned ceramics companies founded in the 19th century. Gibbs and Canning of Glascote, Tamworth,  was founded in 1847 and are nationally and internationally renowned producers of highly decorative architectural terracotta, faiences and statues. Much of their work is visible today on buildings such as The Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum […]

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    Copper Penny Token, John Harding, Calico Printer, Tamworth, 1799, has views of Tamworth Castle & Town Hall, list No

    Identifier: 1902.1 (T9250) · Author: Tamworth Castle

    Copper Penny Token, John Harding, Calico Printer, Tamworth, 1799, has views of Tamworth Castle & Town Hall, list No. T329. [Dia 33mm]

    Thumbnail image for gold snuff box

    gold snuff box

    Identifier: 1901.2.9 · Author: Tamworth Castle

    gold snuff box, 1828 presented to Sir Robert Peel as part of his being given the Freedom of City of Liverpool [67mm x 95mm] with engraved inscription on the inside of the lid.

    Thumbnail image for commemorative silver trowel

    commemorative silver trowel

    · Author: Tamworth Castle

    white metal (silver) trowel, engraved, in box. Presented to Mayor Harry Olver on the occasion of him laying the foundation stone of the Municipal Buildings [Assembly Rooms] Tamworth March 7th 1889....

    Thumbnail image for silver tea pot

    silver tea pot

    Identifier: 1953.2 (2) · Author: Tamworth Castle

    white metal (silver) quatrefoil base, ivory bands around handle. 'Presented to Miss Urrum Lucas on her retirement' etc., hallmarked London 1837. Miss Urrum Lucas first female hotelier in Tamworth.

    Thumbnail image for market measure

    market measure

    Identifier: 1956.1.1 (T39) · Author: Tamworth Castle

    brass metal measure, heavy, used to quantify market produce. Tamworth Borough Corporation Imperial Gallon - with two handles, inscribed Imperial Gallon around the middle

    Thumbnail image for Tamworth Castle

    Tamworth Castle

    Identifier: 1963.1.1 (T306) · Author: Tamworth Castle

    mixed media by artist Charles J Fox dated 1899, Tamworth Castle, framed.

    Thumbnail image for Sir Robert Peel, Baronet II MP

    Sir Robert Peel, Baronet II MP

    Identifier: 1966.40 · Author: Tamworth Castle

    picture, mezzotint, portrait, Rt Hon Sir Robert Peel Bart II, MP dedicated to the King (by Sir Thomas Lawrence). (Mezzotint engraver C. Turner).

    Thumbnail image for Tamworth Castle from the River Tame

    Tamworth Castle from the River Tame

    Identifier: 1966.42 [2] · Author: Tamworth Castle

    watercolour, 'Tamworth Castle from the River Tame' 1812, by artist, J Hill (Castle, Church, Workhouse, figures & cows)

    Thumbnail image for Sand Grouse

    Sand Grouse

    Identifier: 1966.345.13 · Author: Tamworth Castle

    drawing, mixed media, coloured Natural History image of a Sand Grouse, bird was shot at Packington, nr Lichfield, detailed handwritten description on reverse by E de Hamel.

    Thumbnail image for Hastilow embroidered sampler

    Hastilow embroidered sampler

    Identifier: 1967.31.4 · Author: Tamworth Castle

    by Hannah Mary Hastilow, aged 9 in the year 1850.